The Swedish-looking Irish partner…There is nothing more she enjoys than a fabulous dinner party, and no where she’s happier on site than at the set up for the Gala dinner – it doesn’t matter the venue, her  ideas will make it fabulous, guaranteed!  

What makes Mary happy:  When someone tells her she’s right.

Marys Pet Hates:  When someone tells her she’s wrong.

Marys Happy Place:  Running on the beach or in the mountains …followed by IPA craft beer, a glass of wine…or both!  


The Spanish-looking yet Irish partner is like a dog with a bone about detail and quite an extreme perfectionist. 

What makes Marina Happy – being told how wonderful she is by a client.

Marinas pet hates: Been told one thing by a supplier and later they do something else, She becomes scary!

Marinas happy place: Kitesurfing in Tarifa with no events to organize. And a big glass of wine of any color.


German, efficient and pretty much perfect! Our senior event manager for 10 years now,  Julia’s Laser eye does not miss a single detail, EVER!  A naturally excellent event organizer,  she sails through events with the absolute assurance it will go perfectly because she knows she has every detail covered! 

What makes Julia happy:  When she finds a new top notch supplier who is as good as she is! 

Julias Pet Hate:   Risks and people arriving late for anything! 

Julia’s Happy Place: 5 star GL hotel on a beach in Brazil in her flip flops.


Austrian, calm, conscientious and dedicated.  Nathalie goes above and beyond the call of duty and is a natural born event planner.  Nathalie can be found at 5.00 am double checking production is perfect…she really cares the event is 100% and her client happy.  

What makes Nathalie Happy:  Any complicated production with top class sound! 

Nathalies Pet Hates:  Unreliable and rude suppliers, they will NEVER get a second chance if not up to scratch.

Nathalie’s Happy Place:  Spending time with her beautiful horse in the calm of the countryside! 


the Spanish energetic ‘Maquinita’ of Protocol. She was only an excitable 24 year old when she joined Protocol – With no experience but LOTS of wonderful energy she took to it like a duck to water. Within a year she was managing the most complex of events and had earned the name of ‘Maquinita’ – The Machine…her energy is endless…Carolina is everywhere, dynamic, smiley, stylish, charming, alive and always in a good mood.

What makes Carolina Happy – being in charge and decorating a boring room.

Carolinas pet hates:  Anything uncreative and out of vogue! 

Carolinas happy place: Backpacking anywhere in the world.


The only male addition to the team,  Santi is in charge of complex AV design, creativity and production for Protocol all over the country. Santi is calm, collected and organized and will make clients and our team relaxed.  They know it will work, the sound will be crystal clear, the lighting will be perfect, and depending on the budget, it will be a great AV set up for your meeting or a wow effect and magical dinner with lots of exciting special effects. Santi is always a picture of calm throughout and we will never know if something stresses him until months later! 

What makes Santi happy:  A big budget that allows for awesome effects and mapping!

Santi’s Pet Hates: Bad manners.

Santi’s Happy Place:  Relaxing at home with his two mini Santi’s! 


Never stops smiling and is always happy and willing to help no matter what time of day or night it is.  

What makes Kristy Happy:  Our best people’s person, Kristy immediately makes guests feel they are important and that no request is a problem.  Kristy will go the extra mile always to ensure the guests are more than happy.  

Kristy’s pet hates –  Being in the event office instead of the welcome desk! 

Kristy’s Happy Place –  At a cool party anywhere!! 


Swedish and a classic example of Swedish perfectionism, Erica is reliable, always on time and gets the job done.    An important addition to any event, on-site Erica is fundamental to any team leader or client and is absolutely tireless.

What makes Erica Happy:  Sunshine and lots of it (there is not a lot in Sweden she says!) 

Erica’s Pet hates: Someone not pulling their weight! 

Erica’s Happy Place:  Jogging anywhere at any time of day or night.

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