The best of the best Venues in Spain

There are thousands of beautiful venues in Spain for your next special event, gala dinner, conference, product launch…making it difficult to choose the list of what you ‘must see’ on a typically short site visit. We only show the best of each destination and have short listed the best for you…

Malaga – The Automobile museum boasts the largest private car collection in Europe! For up to 2000 people, all you need is a little lighting and WOW!

Sevilla – Casa Pilatos, steep your guests in the history of this beautiful palace right in the city center – they will never forget it!

Barcelona – so many to choose from but our favorite has always been Bell Reco, a Family Masia (country manor) just outside the city for up to 450 seated…wow factor guaranteed!

Madrid – again the list is endless, but our all-time favorite is El Casino (which is actually a private club and was never an actual casino) – its unparalleled luxury and service will impress any guest.

Valencia – you just can’t get better than this Arquitectural masterpiece, CAC ..there is no other!