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Why choose DMC Barcelona for your next event?

  • DMC Barcelona with an excellent infrastructure and direct flights from all major cities worldwide.
  • DMC Barcelona, with some of the best 5 star luxury properties in Spain, also boasts some of the most spectacular and unique venues for gala dinners and meetings in the country.
  • Barcelona has a pleasant Mediterranean climate to enjoy outdoor activities (both land and sea) particularly from April to October.
  • Barcelona also offers an endless selection of unusual banqueting venues such as Royal Palaces, Football stadium, ancient castles, gothic churches, Opera houses, stately homes and wine cellars, providing the perfect setting for any special evening.
  • Barcelona is one of the most famous and exciting cities in the world, making it a very popular destination amongst event planners due to its easy access and high attendance levels.
  • Barcelona is truly an architectural masterpiece with many superb cultural landmarks to visit.

DMC Barcelona | Premier Events With Protocol

DMC Barcelona - Destination Management Company Barcelona operates within a beautiful city that has developed into a great metropolis since its foundation by the Carthaginians more than two thousand years ago. An open port on the Gulf of Lions, it has received Romans, Arabs and Christians, all of whom left their mark enriching the cities architecture and culture. Its impressive Gothic Quarter, built in part over the old Roman walls, bears witness to this.

The 1992 Olympic Games produced a vast improvement in the city’s infrastructure and services. No other European capital has undergone such an important transformation in recent years. There are new hotels, restaurants and shops to cater for the vast increase in tourism as well as beautiful squares and parks with impressive sculptures by Chillida, Serra, Oldenburg, Lichtenstein and Hunt Kelly.