Camp Nou Experience

It’s always a treat to work in such a famous venue as Camp Nou, home to one of the most famous football clubs in the world Barcelona!!  So when we were contacted by a brand new American Client I was secretly delighted with the final choice for their off-site Dinner to end their meeting in BarcelonaCamp Nou Football Stadium, in private, just for them!

Arriving at the venue It never ceases to surprise me how impressive it seems… there it is in front of you; huge, bigger then you would imagine if you a re not a regular football fan! Larger then life with the famous Barcelona colours; burgundy and dark blue splashed on a massive banner hanging from the façade of the venue….. I can imagine this will be exciting for our guests before they even enter the venue! Barcelona Football Club WOW! Then as they enter the venue the EuroCup Hymn is blasting from the stadiums loud speakers!! And even if you are not a football fan…you cannot help but be a little impressed by the sheer size of the stadium, enhanced by the Euro Cup Hymn and the vastness of the perfectly manicured green pitch.

As guests arrived, I could tell from their expressions they were thinking, WOW, impressive!!! For anyone, it was quite a big deal to have a glass of Barcelona’s finest local cava on the most expensive piece of grass in Spain, followed by a corporate tour taking in the most spectacular highlights of the stadium – they even were allowed a sneaky tour of the changing rooms which is not open to regular visitors…many people would pay a lot of money to visit these very famous changing rooms! These are the little extra details Protocol can arrange for our clients that others may not have access to!!

Dinner was enjoyed in the Presidential Suite and thanks to our creative decor team turned into one of the trendiest party venues in the city. Our local band was the final ingredient to the perfect evening, A great night was had by all and I left happy that the night had gone so perfectly….I will be using this venue more often in future!

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