Testimonial of Hyundai/Kia client
Testimonial of Hyundai/Kia

Dear Marina,

First off I’d like to say thank-you for putting together a successful event for our client. We’ve received positive preliminary feedback and from what I hear, it was one of the smoothest and most enjoyable Regional Distributor Conferences they’ve had.

I’d like to extend my personal gratitude to your team for being so professional in dealing with Kia. Please see my feedback below.

Flor: You’re amazing. Coordinating all aspects of this event is a challenge in itself but add to that the myriad of last minute changes and on-the-spot requests… you’ve raised my standards, I fear I won’t be satisfied with coordinators I work with on future events! You are a consummate professional and it was such a pleasure working with you. My best to you and little Nico~

Luisa: I don’t know how, but every time we needed something you were always magically right there! Thank-you for your tireless support even to the late hours of the night, and always with a bright smile! Looking back, I can’t imagine the event going so smoothly without you.

The rest of the team, Mercedes, Vicky, Anabel, Antonio, were great as well. Most of all I appreciated their focus and professionalism as well as attitude and demeanor which was positive throughout the entire event.

Special note for Santi and the AV crew: I’ve seen a lot of stage crews work but I must say, they were outstanding. Nothing was “impossible” or “difficult”. Every request was met with an enthusiastic “of course we can do that!” and the AV went off without a single hitch. Please let them know that I had nothing but praise for their work.

As for negative feedback, I’m finding it difficult to think of much, which is rare. I would say any complaints or disappointments I had with the event were not the responsibility of Protocol but rather would have been resolved if we had more time to plan and more flexibility from our client.

The photographer was slightly sub-standard and the hotel was just satisfactory, but both fair for the price.

Hyundai/Kia will have more events in Europe in the future and while they never go to the same destination twice, I’m sure there will be an option in the future for another city in Spain. I truly hope we get to work together again in the future.

Until then, cuidate!


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