Fly to Seville direct!

sevilleBig changes in 2015 for Seville. AT LAST!!! Direct flights from Europe to this stunning destination….for years now we have found it difficult to confirm groups in Seville due to the small airport which means double hop flights for our clients unless they charter their own plane. Now with direct flights from Germany and London, Seville is suddenly a main contender as one of the top destinations in Europe for your event.

Seville will count on direct flights to Frankfurt, which will be the first Lufthansa direct connection to the capital of Andalusia. This means gaining a long-awaited route which is essential for the development of the German meetings and events market with Seville, as well as the connection of the city with important intercontinental flights arriving at one of the busiest airports in Europe.

The Frankfurt-Seville direct flight, one of the additions to the Lufthansa network starting next season, will take off three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (SVQ 13.30 – FRA 16.20; FRA 09.20 – SVQ 12.15)with a positive impact on both the city and the province of Seville.

From Munich, Lufthansa flies direct to Seville once a week on Sundays (SVQ 12.45 – MUC 15.35; MUC 08.55 – SVQ 11.55).

Seville a top destination in Europe for events, contact us and we´ll help you!